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We at Royal Cattery Nursery are federall licensed Exporters of Caracal Cat.

We have shipped our Caracal Cats to: *USA* * Chile * Japan * The Russian Federation * Beijing China * Italy * Canada * Great Britain: Scotland & England * New Guinea * Hong Kong

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Our veterinary team helps our clients in everything health related to kittens. Below are some of healthier Cats for Sales.

Asian leopard kitten

Asian Leopard kittens

The Bengal’s wild progenitor: ​Though many people call them “Asian Leopard Cats” (ALC), technically, the exact species name is “Leopard Cat” Prionailurus bengalensis. Several subspecies of these little spotted felines have been described, and they range from 3 to 20 pounds in weight.

clouded leopard

Clouded Leopard cats ( panthère nébuleuse )

The clouded leopard is a solitary cat. Early accounts depict it as a rare, secretive, arboreal, and nocturnal inhabitant of dense primary forest.

serval kittens

Stately and majestic, the Serval with its noble carriage, oversize ears, mile-long legs, and striking, jet-black spots nestled in a lush butternut coat is sheer magic. Once you’ve seen just one Serval, you’ll know why the Savannah was created. No other hybrid can come close to fulfilling the drama and yearning for breathtaking, wild elegance!


Lynx are classified as medium-sized members of the cat family. The smallest species of lynx is the bobcat and the Canada lynx and the largest is the Eurasian lynx. Lynx are characterized as having short tails, large, padded paws, long facial whiskers, and tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears. They range in color from medium brown to a goldish off-white. At Royal Cattery Nursery we have both Canadian lynx , Boreal lynx.

Ocelot kittens

These cats can be easily trained to use a leash, play fetch and respond to other simple commands. This cat is very suitable for domestic life.

Savannah F1
Savannah cats are very loyal, and will develop a strong bond with people.
Shipping Is Available! The cat can be shipped home to you .

Pet Care Information
Comprehensive cat resources, with information about Exotics Cats, health and behavior materials, and general advice.
Pet Vaccinations
Royal Cattery Nursery offers a wide range of all necessary vaccination on kittens sold including core vaccines and supplemental ones.
License Exporters
We at Royal Cattery Nursery are federally licensed exporters of the Serval Cat
Advice Services on Nutrition and Behavior
Get instant information on recommended nutrition and behavior tips for your choseen cat from our veterinarians through our website.

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